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Adult playgrounds

‘Adult playgrounds’ – the term conjures up memories of that time you and three friends embarked on a party weekend that involved, a leopard print thong, a point-and-shoot camera containing damning evidence and an annulled marriage. Good times. But before you get the wrong idea, the kind of adult playground’s we’re referring to do not involve any nefarious activities.

Rather they refer to urban playgrounds and parks that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. In some cases they’re specifically tailored so adults can get in touch with their inner child and help relieve stress by participating in health related activities, without having to sign up for expensive gym programs.

This trend, embraced by designers and urban planners across the world, offers a welcome alternative to the sterile, indoor gym environment to exercise, socialize, be creative and have fun in centrally located public spaces.

We’ve found five amazing examples of adult playgrounds around the world for you to marvel at, and hopefully enjoy one day. 

Superkilen – København, Denmark

Superkilen is the perfect example of an adult playground. The park is subdivided into three distinct areas: a red square, a black market and a green park. Each contains uniquely designed elements such as recreational facilities, barbeque and picnic areas, green spaces, pet areas, sports facilities, as well as multiples cycle tracks throughout. The park celebrates diversity by containing objects from various countries, including swings from Iraq, benches from Brazil, manhole covers from Zanzibar, a fountain from Morocco and a Japanese Octopus jungle gym. This place has something for everyone.

Mount Mitte – Berlin, Germany

Ideal for those who love climbing, Mount Mitte located in the heart of Berlin, is a gigantic high ropes course containing three different levels, six different courses, ninety different obstacles, and amazing views of the city provided you don’t suffer from vertigo. If climbing is not your thing you could play a game of beach volleyball, or enjoy some tasty food and drink at the Hawaiian-themed beach Bar located nearby.

Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain, Duisberg, Germany

Designed by German artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, this elevated pathway has been likened to a rollercoaster without the cars. The 21 meter high sculpture walkway is positioned on top of a hill in Duisberg, offering amazing views of the surrounding area. Visitors can walk, run or climb the walkway by foot although at some point will be physically blocked by a closing loop. It’s open both day and night, lit up by LED lights and offers a truly unique experience for those lucky enough to visit it.


The museum that covers over 600,000 square feet is a fantasyland for both adults and kids. It consists of largely repurposed architectural and industrial objects, where visitors are encouraged to touch, climb and play on the various exhibits. It contains a ten-story slide, manmade caves, a Ferris wheel and two airplanes. On weekend nights it’s open to adults only and has a vibey bar for those that want to take the edge off.


Okay, so this place contains something a little closer to the ‘other’ type of adult playground you might still be thinking of. Described as an erotic theme park, it was opened in 2004 with the idea of breaking the traditional taboos surrounding sex by celebrating the natural beauty of sexuality. The park contains 140 sculptures depicting various sexual positions as well as erotic video installations and other artworks. Popular for honeymoon couples, this place is strictly for adult’s folks.

So go on then, embrace you inner-child and find an adult playground near you, to de-stress, socialize, get some exercise, and celebrate being forever young. 

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