Going Green

Your office re-imagined could look and sound like a tropical oasis. The humdrum of key tapping might sound like the pitter-patter of light rain on leaf-covered soil. The relentless office phone might be likened to a rare tropical bird calling for a mate. The gurgling water cooler might sound reminiscent of a vast waterfall flowing into a natural fresh spring. Who are we kidding right? NASA would have an easier job locating signs of life on Mars than in the twenty sparse, monochromatic cubicles in front of you.

Fortunately there are a couple of options available to inject more nature into your everyday life. One option – a dramatic Mission Impossible style escape, first out the office, then out the building, then down to the docks where a high speed power boat will be waiting to whisk you off to a remote island where you’ll live a hermetic life, free of copy machines, fluorescent lighting, and awkward kitchenette conversations with Bob from Accounts. Ah, now that sounds…impractical.

A second simple, more practical solution – bring some green into your office. A study conducted at Exeter University found that employees were 15 % more productive if their workplaces contained a few houseplants. The study also found, that contrary to popular belief lean work environments, devoid of visual interest, are actually counterproductive.

Tranquini would like to help you out during stress awareness month and you give you some advice on why greening up your workspace can do wonders for the soul, as well as improve productivity and keep you healthy.

Office Plants Make You More Productive

The presence of plants in your immediate workspace has been proven to help with cognitive tasks, as well as improve concentration and focus. Research has shown that fewer mistakes are made and tasks are completed faster due to high concentration levels. These high levels of concentration can be attributed to an increase in oxygen levels and reduction in carbon dioxide.

Plants Are Beneficial For Your Health

It’s hard to avoid catching the office cold unless you go to work dressed as bubble boy. Fortunately, if you have plants in your office, you won’t get sick as often. This has been attributed to improvement in air quality, as well as a reduction in dust and bacteria intake. Paint, furniture, plastics and cleaning products also produce a number of toxins which plants help reduce. So if you want to avoid catching your colleague’s cough, green up your desk.

Natural Colours Make You Feel Good

Colours like green and blue, two of the more common colours in nature, are proven to increase focus and lead to an overall sense of well-being. While your boss probably won’t let you repaint your desk or cubicle, why not colour your desk with a beautiful plant or two. Souvenirs, pictures and personal items have also been proven to increase productivity and happiness levels. So what are you waiting for? Turn your cubicle space into your personal canvas.

Office Plants Reduce Noise

Modern day open workspaces are often noisy, distracting environments making it hard to concentrate. It’s a little known fact that plants reduce ambient noise by as much as 5 decibels through sound absorption, deflection and refraction. Bring an office plant to work and you won’t have to turn up that Bruno Mars song quite so loud.

Which plants should you buy?

Because not all offices are created equal, it’s necessary to choose the right plants to suit your office. For example, Spider Plants are ideal for offices that do not have a lot of natural light, as they can still thrive in partial sun or shade. Similarly lemon balm can also survive with little direct sunlight, while also having the quality of improving mood and workplace wellness. Peace Lilly’s are also good options as they do well in shade and are known to be one of the best plants for improving indoor air quality. If all else fails, cactus plants and succulents require very little maintenance to survive.

So if you don’t have the resources to escape to a far away tropical paradise why not head down to your local nursery and ask for one of the plants we mentioned above, and share this article with your boss, co-workers and friends. Soon enough you’ll be surrounded by an oasis of green, sipping on a Tranquini, happy as Larry.

A Working Playlist

Open plan workspaces don’t allow for much privacy or space to focus. More often than not your attention has to compete with office pedestrian traffic, the casual cubicle pop in, or your colleagues giggling while they scroll through the latest internet cat memes. Often the only way to drown out the noise, or rather to zone in on your work, means putting on a set of headphones and choosing the right track so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Studies have shown that music helps to increase productivity as well as lift mood. But what to listen to and when? Classical music has been found to increase the intelligence of its listeners – also known as the Mozart Effect, while nature sounds have been found to improve concentration and levels of fulfillment. But sometimes listening to whale calls just can’t give you the kind of satisfaction that only Mick and The Stones can provide after a testing Monday morning meeting.

At Tranquini we understand that different folks require different strokes, and different times of the day require a different kind of playlist. So we’ve come up with a variety of working playlists to help you get through the work day. No matter your taste in music, you’re sure to find something here to help you destress and improve productivity.

The Morning Commute

The work week doesn’t start at the office. It starts on the morning commute. Like an athlete on the bus heading to a big game, this playlist will help you mentally prepare for what lies ahead, or at the very least, help you ignore the crazies on the other side of the subway car.

Time To Focus

Now that you’re at the office, its time to focus and get your affairs for the week in order. We think a bit of classical music hits just the right spot to get the desired effect.

The Big Meeting

So you’ve got all your affairs in order, and you’re almost ready for the big presentation. All you need now is some music to put you in the right frame of mind so you can own the room and win over that prized client.

The Afternoon Slump

Those dangerous post-lunch hours have arrived and you’re feeling kind of sleepy. But there’s much to be done. What you need is an energy boost to get you through the afternoon slump and find your second wind.

Feel Good Tunes

The day is almost over, you’ve got a lot done and you’re feeling pretty darn good about things. You need a feel good soundtrack to compliment your good mood that will finish off the day on a high note.

We’re confident that whatever the day throws your way, a bit of music will go along way to keep you positive, focused and destressed – that and a can of Tranquini.

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