Meet the Golden Bolt

With radical developments in medicine and wellness, the world’s population is an ever-ageing one. In fact, there are more than 60 000 people over the age of 100 in Japan. But, living long is not the same as living long and healthy. Hidekichi Miyazaki, is the exception to that rule.

Nicknamed ‘The Golden Bolt’, Hidekichi is the world’s oldest competitive athlete. But, just being competitive isn’t his goal; he wants to be fast too. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest 100m in the category for people aged 105 and over!

The secret to his longevity, he says, is daily exercise and eating in moderation. And, you can surely add being the owner of a cool head and a calm disposition to that list.

In an interview with The Guardian, he said, “The doctors are all surprised. It’s all about being in good health. The doctors gave me a medical examination a couple of days ago and I’m fit as a fiddle!”

You’d think he’d be content with his record time for centenarians of 29.83 seconds and ready to hang up his spikes. But, retirement isn’t on the cards. “I can’t think about retiring,” said Miyazaki. “I have to continue for a few more years, to show my gratitude to my fans.”

“I want to shave off a few more seconds,” Miyazaki told reporters after a competition in Kyoto. “Physically I’m tip-top. I’ve never had any health problems. The doctors are amazed by me. I can definitely keep on running for another two or three years. It’s all about willpower.”

This raises an interesting point; it appears that the Golden Bolt’s positive attitude towards life plays a key role in his ability to keep defying the odds; he’s hell bent on going out in a blaze of glory.

Playing Mind Games

The world of sport is no longer full of lager louts and thuggish brutes trying to knock each other’s lights out. Modern sport is more nuanced and enlightened than simply hoofing a soccer ball up-field with teams, players and individuals now calling on many disciplines to aid their success. A practice gaining in popularity amongst sports stars the world over is visualisation – something that golfers have known about since the 1970s.

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Indian Media Welcomes Tranquini at the Brand Launch

In the energetic city of Mumbai, Tranquini decided to create a positive buzz and encourage curiosity by inviting more than fifty journalists to the brand?s launch event. The product, the brand and the company had not been revealed to journalists prior to the launch, so Mr. Ahmed Elafifi, Founder & Chief Relaxation Officer, introduced the new functional drinks category to the Indian market and explained its natural ingredients and relaxing benefits. Continuar a ler “Indian Media Welcomes Tranquini at the Brand Launch”