Israel enjoys positive relaxation with Tranquini

Since February of this year, Tranquini has been present in Israel together with its Distribution Partner Y.Italiano Holdings Ltd. mainly distributing in the areas of Tel Aviv & Jerusalem. Currently, Tranquini is available in around 2100 outlets including petrol stations Yellow, Menta and Alonit and Key Accounts (KAs) AMPM and Tiv Team. დაწვრილებით „Israel enjoys positive relaxation with Tranquini“

POSTIVELY RELAXED DAY – Tranquini's new annual celebration to pop the stress bubbles.

What a wonderful, positively relaxed occasion Tranquini created on 12th May! From Hong Kong to Spain and from Egypt to the UK, we invited consumers around the world to celebrate the first of our annual Positively Relaxed Days, enjoying a relaxing and fun bubble wrap game and delicious samples of Tranquini drinks. დაწვრილებით „POSTIVELY RELAXED DAY – Tranquini's new annual celebration to pop the stress bubbles.“

Enjoy the show with Tranquini Positively Relaxed in Spain!

Tranquini collaborated with the top TV shows in Spain, like “Tu Cara Me Suena”, “Boom” and “Ahora Caigo” on Antena 3 TV channel. We had an exciting opportunity to bring positive relaxation experience to the audiences, participants and TV staff during live auditions of the popular Spanish TV shows. Tranquini was really appreciated and was helping people to relax and fully enjoy the moment, enhancing positive mood during the shows. დაწვრილებით „Enjoy the show with Tranquini Positively Relaxed in Spain!“

Tranquini offers positive relaxation at TEDx Warsaw

Tranquini presented positive relaxation to the amazing speakers and audience of TEDx during this year?s conference in Warsaw.

It is important to find time for caring about one’s own well-being in this busy andstressed world. Tranquini offered a number of unwinding activities at Tranquini Mobile Wellness Zone such as mini golf, massage and sessions like Relaxing Stretching, Breathing and Rebuilding Focused Attention with the support ofprofessional instructors. Participants were very happy to get this reminder about de-stressing as a daily practice. Every participant received Tranquini anti-stress balls to continue to help to release stress.