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. Tranquini Positively Relaxed Annual Partners Meeting – TranQuini

Tranquini Positively Relaxed Annual Partners Meeting

Gathering to close another successful year is quickly becoming a tradition for the Tranquini family. Distribution partners, Investors, Business partners as well as the Tranquini management team came together for the Tranquini Annual Partners Meeting, this year held in Berlin?s renowned Westhafen Convention Centre.

Ahmed Elafifi, Tranquini Founder and Chief Relaxation Officer, emphasized that,

We are helping the world to live a positively relaxed lifestyle. There are different paths one can take as the journey through life; one path can be by being stressed, tired and miserable, yet another can be a journey of living in a positively relaxed manner, which is rewarding and enjoyable. We believe the world deserves to live this latter positive relaxed path.

The meeting was a thrilling opportunity to celebrate yet another successful year for Tranquini. A year which now sees Tranquini operating in 40 countries around the world.

What has happened and what has been created over the past 18 months is absolutely remarkable and we are convinced that we are part of a big story. We are happy to be part of the Tranquini family and share the spirit of what happens during this meeting,

said Dr. Hans Dieter Rompel, Co-Investor Deutschland.

Gavin Whitfield, Executive Creative Director, Not Norm, highlighted

There?s never been a more opportune time for a product like Tranquini!

The first part of the meeting concerned our sharing achievements, best practices as well as discussions on the future development of Tranquini.

We are already present in major stores across Ireland and plan for more in the near future. We have a very strong consumer program for 2017 and we are very excited about it.

Joe Butler, Sales Director, Johnson Brothers, Ireland.

It was very empowering and motivating to see Tranquini’s comprehensive activity plans for bringing relaxation to the world in 2017 –  new projects, campaigns s well as a new portfolio of products.

If we manage the challenges that we will face through the next year with a ?Relax. Be Positive? attitude, then there is no doubt that good will happen and 2017 will be a fantastic and very successful one

underlined Arturo Sutter, Chief Executive Officer, Trivarga AG, Switzerland.

The Tranquini Dinner was held in the trendy “Neni” restaurant, where much cheer, camaraderie and laughter was shared. It is always great to be able to come together as a family, and we already look forward to our next Positively Relaxed meeting.

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