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Amazing Activations in Austria


Austria is an important market for Tranquini as Vienna is the birthplace of positively relaxed drinks. The concept and the need for positive relaxation drinks was crystallised here.

Tranquini Positively Relaxed drinks in Austria are currently available in Merkur, Müller, OMV Viva and Okay. Join us in the city centre of Vienna and experience positive relaxation at its best! Herrmann Strandbar offers Tranquini drinks and chill outAlong the Danube river, you can meet friends after a stressful office day and have a Tranquini to relax in one of the 600 Tranquini sun chairs with special summer drink Ginger and Lemongrass + Proseco! Every Sunday from April until September, if weather permits, Tranquini invites local people to join in a positively relaxed Yoga session too.

In May 2017 Tranquini participated in Entrepreneurship Avenue – Europe’s largest student-focused entrepreneurship event series, designed to inspire, encourage and support young people to join the startup scene. It was great to be part of this high-profile event organized by Vienna’s University of Economics and Business. Taking place in Vienna, the Entrepreneurship Avenue connects students from a wide variety of Austrian universities with founders, investors and other inspirational business professionals on the startup scene.

Tranquini was shared with 1300 people at this event. The company is very happy to support entrepreneurs in their work bringing positive relaxation to Vienna’s start-up scene.

During the Winquadrat Uni Management Club that took place at the end of May 2017, Tranquini Relaxation drink turned three days into an unforgettable experience for more than 150 students as well as young professionals, about 30 company representatives and many honorable guests. This memorable event helped young students to be heard in the important social questions during workshops, speeches and networking occasions.

Tranquini positively relaxed drinks also supported the positive relaxation experience of the SAP Design Forum's participants when professionals from large organisations participated in workshops and many well-known, prominent business professionals made keynote speeches. This event took place at the beginning of May 2017 and, in total, there were 1090 people attending from IT, marketing and sales disciplines.

We have also been sharing positive relaxation with the bloggers who appreciated the relaxation effect of Tranquini:


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