Beautiful Minds

It’s arguably most well known as the title of the film inspired by mathematician John Nash, but A Beautiful Mind is something we should all aspire to have. While in Nash’s case it refers to his ability to perform complex mathematical gymnastics while grappling with mental illness, we prefer to look at it as a person’s ability to use the power of their mind for the benefit and good of others.

Below are our top five most Beautiful Minds of the past century – in no particular order.

The Dalai Lama

Religious views aside, there can be few who would argue that the Dalai Lama deserves a spot on this list.

A man of immense patience and an incomparable capacity for compassion and human kindness, the Dalai Lama is widely acknowledged as the World’s moral compass.

This man lives by the philosophy of; “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

Nelson Mandela

Mohandas Gandhi

If ever there was a man who typified the idea of will power it had to be India’s favourite son, Mohandas Gandhi.

Gandhi preached non-violent protest and waged a war with Britain using his mind, his conscience and his soul as weapons.

He stood steadfast in his passive ideals and refused to be swayed by the poisonous tongues that surrounded him. He summed this up poetically by saying; “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.

Mother Teresa

An Albanian by birth, Mother Teresa has come to symbolize kindness. Her teachings, so simple and brilliantly obvious, echoed around the world.

She proffered charity and compassion and had a way of phrasing things that made her one of the most quoted personalities in the world. A favourite of ours is; “Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

John Lennon

Apart from sharing a fondness for spherical wireframe eyewear with Gandhi, you would be forgiven for wondering how John Lennon makes this list. But, they’re more similar than you’d think; the Beatles lead singer has become known in death as an icon of peace, love and understanding.

Lennon famously stayed in bed with his new wife Yoko Ono for a week in protest of the Vietnam War. This non-violent protest clearly echoed the prevailing sentiment of the hippie movement; Make Love Not War.

One of his most famous quotes sums up his philosophy “If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliché that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that’s his problem. Love and peace are eternal.”

Say Cheese!

Tired of the proverbial rat race, a talented South African couple – Stevo Dirnberger and Chanel Cartell – quit their hamster wheel jobs, sold their worldly possessions and began travelling the world. But, what makes this a really fun story is that wherever they go they document their travels by taking funny pictures of local wildlife!

Fun Is All Around Us.

Cartell and Dirnberger explained how they capture their humorous shots: “We have always been passionate about animal portraiture. In order to get the style of picture we were after, we would use a wide-angle lens and we’d need to get really close to the subjects, which is tricky in itself.”

This somewhat unusual approach to documenting their travels has gained them some unexpected attention on social media. But, they insist it’s just a quirky layer to their adventure.

We’re not surprised that their journey and approach to creating memories has sparked worldwide interest; the idea of packing it all in and traveling the world doing the thing you love with the person you love is the thing that dreams are made of.

You can follow them and their funny animal capture adventures at or on Instagram on the handle @howfarfromhome

Central Sweden, Lake District
Johannesburg, South Africa
Salzburg Zoo, Salzburg, Austria
Seekirchen am Wallersee, Austria
Salzburg Zoo, Salzburg, Austria
Trasti Og Trine Husky Lodge, Alta, Norway

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