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. Letter – TranQuini
20 Jun 2016
1st anniversary letter
Milí přátelé,

What a year it’s been. In April 2015, we sold our first can of Tranquini. Since then, we’ve brought our inspirational approach to active relaxation to people in 24 countries across the world. From Switzerland to Hong Kong, from the Netherlands to South Africa, Tranquini has helped more people to Feel their Flow.


When I first imagined Tranquini, I knew it had the potential to transform the beverage industry. Now more than ever people are facing extreme pressures both personally and professionally but they are also recognising that they have the power to take control and make good things happen.


I’m delighted to see that consumers across the world have reacted positively to our creation. As I’ve travelled across the world sharing our philosophy, I’ve found that no matter which continent I’m in or how different each culture may seem, at the heart of it we all want to find positive enlightment. I am sure that Tranquini will help inspire people across the world, regardless of their country, to feel their unique flow.


This last year of rapid growth is thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Tranquini team and the support from all our partners and investors. By the end of this year, Tranquini will be available in more than 50 countries. The future for Tranquini certainly looks positive as more people feel inspired to live an actively relaxed life. Here’s to a relaxed, positive future!

enjoy a tranquini. feel the flow.

Relax. Be positive. Good happens


Ahmed Elafifi

29 Jun 2016
Welcome Letter
Milí přátelé

Welcome to the new world of Tranquini. A world in which people are actively relaxed, feeling truly positive, in balance / synch with themselves and open to all good things the world around them has to offer.

Let me share with you how this world first came to be.


At my core, I am a happy person. My upbringing in Egypt was filled with positive stories and experiences and I had the privilege to grow up within a very happy and inspiring family.

My Grandfather was the head judge of Egypt’s Supreme Court. The most just and optimistic person I’ve ever met in my life, he once told me: „I have seen people in conflict many times, where both sides lose. One takes the other’s life and, in being convicted, court loses his own. What for?” His words taught me that positivity and optimism must prevail over conflict. Being positive is not automatically in our DNA, it is an attitude and a mental state that we need to work towards many times every day. This mentality is something I’ve tried to hold on to throughout my life.


In my twenty-five-year career, I’ve worked in several great companies. My climb up the corporate ladder was steady and rapid as I pushed myself to succeed. One day however, I found myself stressed and unhappy, no longer enjoying the work I was doing.


When I looked around, I saw that I wasn’t alone. Increasingly people were pushing themselves to the limits as pressing deadlines and endless streams of obligations became part of everyday life. This tension was playing havoc on their personal and professional relationships and responsibilities. I realised I had to make a change to bring positivity and optimism back into my life. And I wanted to help inspire other people to find their flow.


I started Tranquini to encourage active relaxation in our lives. Together with an amazing team of entrepreneurial and positively relaxed people, I created a simple natural beverage, which helps people feel inspired and be more positive so good things can happen. Tranquini Positively Relaxed is about being mentally relaxed yet focused, ready for the challenges ahead.


As I started knocking on the doors sharing our Tranquini story around the world, I realised that I was not alone going through this positive enlightenment. We have a great network of investors and partners to whom I am deeply thankful and grateful. They have glimpsed into the future to see the growing trend of people looking for natural ways to beat stress and live life in a more positive and successful way.


We started selling our first can in April 2015. As of the beginning of 2016, Tranquini is in 17 countries and by the end of 2016, we will be in 50 countries helping more and more people feel their flow. We aim to make the active relaxation drinks category the next big thing in the beverage industry. And I’m delighted to say that our customers clearly confirm that Tranquini is the natural relaxing drink they need to experience a positive lifestyle.


The power of positivity is an amazing force and something I want to share with everyone across the world. I believe that Tranquini will help bring the spirit of tranquillity and relaxation to our modern world.

Enjoy a Tranquini. Feel the Flow.

Relax. Be positive. Good happens


Ahmed Elafifi

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