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. Israel enjoys positive relaxation with Tranquini – TranQuini

Israel enjoys positive relaxation with Tranquini

Since February of this year, Tranquini has been present in Israel together with its Distribution Partner Y.Italiano Holdings Ltd. mainly distributing in the areas of Tel Aviv & Jerusalem. Currently, Tranquini is available in around 2100 outlets including petrol stations Yellow, Menta and Alonit and Key Accounts (KAs) AMPM and Tiv Team.

Tranquini Distribution Partner, Yaniv Italiano, said:

We launched Tranquini at the beginning of February with a clear strategy of focusing on consumers shopping on impulse only and the leading KAs of the national petrol station chains. The outcome of these actions has created more than 80% availability in all petrol stations across the country and this positions Tranquini as a leading player on the shelf in the tea/health category in the market. The potential of the relaxation beverages category is huge as demonstrated by local consumption habits in recent years which show that people are increasingly attracted to more healthy and natural products.

The quirky Tranquini Fiat 500 is a great way to spread the word positively and throughout June, we are aiming to reach 20,000 people with Tranquini Positively Relaxed drinks! Tranquini assists with active relaxation, de-stress and focus for people experiencing stress at work. So far Tranquini has been shared with office workers at Intel, Estee Lauder, Motorola and Amdocs at The Ramt Hayal business center. Looking to help people to boost their relaxation, Tranquini also participated in a summer opening yoga session in Tel Aviv at Shine Studio in June this year.

Tranquini has been sharing its positivity in Israel via these popular websites:,7340,L-4930442,00.html

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